Monday, April 2, 2012

Enjoy April

Hello friends, April is here, i think it has come fast. The days roll by as if it's on a roller coaster making us behold the head of the second quarter and the rear of the first quarter of the year in such a short time. As with all plans, you will need to go back and re-evaluate to know whether you are on course of achieving the desired result of the plan or you need to change strategies. So looking back at my plans for this year i realized that my wanting to blog more and aspiring to be a size 12 leaves much to be desired. I am no where near my size 12 and the postings too haven't been regular as i would want them to. Now i am a little skeptical in reiterating the plan but I am still open to the possibility of these happening.

In April the fourth month of the year what normally comes to mind is Easter and what comes to mind next is Kwahu (if you are in Ghana), instead of the death of Jesus Christ ( the reason we celebrate Easter in the first place). Easter is celebrated in remembrance of God loving us so much that He sent Jesus to come  die for you and I. As we go to Kwahu, dine and wine this season let us not forget the idea behind  Easter celebration.

 Enjoy April, i hope you are fufilled this month 

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  1. Size 12 is yours for the taken,just keep heading towards it coz slow MOtion is better than No Motion.. Have fun Up the HIlls :)