Monday, April 2, 2012

Enjoy April

Hello friends, April is here, i think it has come fast. The days roll by as if it's on a roller coaster making us behold the head of the second quarter and the rear of the first quarter of the year in such a short time. As with all plans, you will need to go back and re-evaluate to know whether you are on course of achieving the desired result of the plan or you need to change strategies. So looking back at my plans for this year i realized that my wanting to blog more and aspiring to be a size 12 leaves much to be desired. I am no where near my size 12 and the postings too haven't been regular as i would want them to. Now i am a little skeptical in reiterating the plan but I am still open to the possibility of these happening.

In April the fourth month of the year what normally comes to mind is Easter and what comes to mind next is Kwahu (if you are in Ghana), instead of the death of Jesus Christ ( the reason we celebrate Easter in the first place). Easter is celebrated in remembrance of God loving us so much that He sent Jesus to come  die for you and I. As we go to Kwahu, dine and wine this season let us not forget the idea behind  Easter celebration.

 Enjoy April, i hope you are fufilled this month 

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Gone too Soon!

The Ghana Black Stars team have freely given away the only good thing that was going on for Ghana. You see the country has been plunged with sequence of shocking news. The one which seems not to go away has been the gargantuan judgment debt Ghana paid to one business man. (Me too I use the word some). Since the story broke, new day brings revised edition of the story and our media has not helped matters with each exaggerating on the part that serves their best interest which unfortunately has sometimes lead to a section of the public being misled. Dictionary meaning has been given to his name, songs composed in his name, lame jokes.

Therefore it was a fresh breath of air when the 28th African Cup of Nations in Gabon and Equatorial Guinea (AFCON) started though I must say the passion and enthusiasm is a far cry from the CAN 2008 and the World cup. The enthusiasm picked up a little after the Ghana - Guinea match and would have reached a higher height had we made it to the finals. But that was not to be as we lost to Zambia in an orchestrated “BX tablets” advert. I am not angry like most Ghanaians are, calling for the retirement of the striker and resignation of the coach. I think we could have done better and I am sad that the only positive thing going on for Ghana had to come to an end all too soon. It kept the politics of insult on our radio stations a little wrapped up. Now I dread to tune in to the radio stations. The news about the judgment debt is set to escalate even more.

It was the only Good thing and it's bad enough to see it end too soon. It was something we could talk about irrespective of one’s political affiliation, religion, gender or age and laugh about in trotro or taxi. It was the only thing that could make you sit in front of a total stranger’s shop and watch the black stars of Ghana play. It was something that could ignite friendship between total strangers because you gave someone a hug after the black stars scored a goal out of excitement.
Now its all ended but lets hope they improve their game in the next competition.

What do you think of Ghana’s defeat to the Chipolopolo of Zambia?

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

A Fling

You came on to me

It was meant to be a harmless fling

A passing episode, no feelings attached

Just two people spending time together

But when we parted ways that night,

Your face kept popping up in my head, your name in my conversations.

I quickly brushed it aside because it can’t possibly be possible- no questions asked

Then I looked forward to seeing you online and started counting the days to seeing you again

I wanted to relive the moment I spent with you

I turned into a stalker on social networks, reading your posts and comments

Now after all the waiting to see you again, I don’t know how to react when I do see you

I know this is Crazy but hey

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Resolutions? Happy new year

Last year was the first of so many things.
It was filled with answered prayers and not so answered prayers, love and tears, it had it's own ups and disappointments.The world heard great news as well as devastating ones. We made mistakes and learned from them, survived and matured.

For this year, I wish you the very best in the year ahead, strive to be a better person, love, smile and take each day at a time allowing God to take center stage of your life (if you are a Christian) if you are not; allow the supreme being of what you believe in to lead you.

I wish you life, health, happiness and a very happy new year.
Resolutions? I wont call them resolutions, sounds cliche, plans sounds better . I am tempted to think the name resolution works against you achieving them. Why do we  make them when we cant keep them? This year, I want to  let my life be consistent with God's plan for me. I would want to blog more and be a size 12 by the end of the year, I am a size 8 now, wish me the best !

Do you make  resolutions why or why not and what do you do to keep them?

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Super 2 Christmas

With only a few days to Christmas day, the birth of Christ. I am still not in the Christmas mood well except for the harmattan and occasional carols I hear on the radio, everything is pretty much the same.  Maybe it’s because I know I won’t get any "bronya atarde" (Christmas attire) from my parents. That was what I used to look forward to on Christmas; wearing my bronya attarde, and family members coming home. Back then, you would have to put up your best behavior because the least offense would warrant a warning of you not getting any bronya attarde (scariest nightmare for any kid) we used to dress in our bronya attarde after church and go round the neighborhood for our Christmas gifts. Back then it was communal or neighborhood celebrations. Do children still do this? I wonder. Lots of this has changed, recession and things, I think it’s now individually celebrated than it used to be back then.

Am I looking forward to this Christmas? It’s become a party.  The real meaning of Christmas is fading away. It has been juxtaposed with azonto craziness .  I am just looking forward to being with the whole family and the public holiday that comes with it.  It also means the year is ending, and I get to see another year roll by, that I am grateful for. That’s all there is to it for me. I haven't made any plans whatsoever but just to travel to Kumasi and be with family. 

So what would I want for Christmas?  Life, good health and happiness for everyone and to you reading this.  And a super 2 biscuit. Yes SUPER 2 biscuit

I hope you enjoy the season's celebrations and you don't forget the reason for the season.

Monday, October 31, 2011

When my phone was picked

 I had closed from class and walking to the bus stop to pick a bus to circle. I was on the phone with my friend who promised to call back in 10 minutes. I put the phone back into my handbag without closing the zip.  I don’t zip my bag when I’m in town, I don’t have a reason for this but my bag is always open, I guess it makes it easier to locate my phone or purse when the need arises. OK this is a lame excuse but I can’t really think of a reason for not zipping my bag. 
I think that’s when my attacker started following me. I got to the bus stop and it was difficult getting a circle bound car which was so unusual meaning when a vehicle showed up, we all had to swarm it but only the strongest gets in. Didn’t want to engage in this tussle of the strongest contest so moved farther away from the crowd and waited. After waiting for a while, my options were either struggling or spending the night there, choosing the former I positioned myself in lieu of the next car that showed up. One showed up, couldn’t get in, soon after the second one came and I made it. Relieved was written all over my face.

Made it to circle and joined my destination queue. After standing there for a while my friend's call wasn’t coming through, that was when I decided to call him back because it had been more than 10 minutes. I searched high and low of my bag but no phone. That was when it hit me that I may have been picked.  I was in denial, maybe it’s just somewhere in my bag, it does that to me sometimes. By now I had started panicking and took out my other phone to call my number. I was greeted with sorry; you do not have enough credits blah blah….. Great just when you have an emergency at hand. I scouted around looking for the people who sell phone units to buy from them; there was not even a single soul in sight. You know when you don’t need their service that’s when they beseech you in numbers.  I was really getting apprehensive and wondering why my friend won’t call this number to find out why he hasn’t heard from me. I mean it’s only natural that if you promised to call someone and you have difficulty getting through to the person, you try the other number. My friend called later and I directed all my anger, bitterness to him. As if he had called earlier my phone wouldn’t have been picked. Something I strongly believe!
I felt violated like I had been stripped naked kind of. I mean he put his hands into my bag and took way the phone only God knows where those hands have been.  It’s not like I willingly gave the phone away or is it about the expensiveness or otherwise of the phone. It’s just that this person was stupid enough to target me and steal from me. I was angry, sad. He is lucky I don’t have some form of supernatural powers, because I would have torn him into pieces! Yes that was how angry and hurt I felt. My telecom service provider doesn’t have a back up service meaning all my contacts are lost though I had the habit of writing some down in case any funny thing like this happened.  I learned two lessons here: one, to always zip my bag when I’m out and then to be conscious of the fact that not all the people at the bus stop wants to go home. Some are just there to steal. I hope I don’t fall victim again and no one falls a victim too. It’s not a pleasant feeling plus I have to ask for your contact numbers again so please do send me your number.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Track-stopping Smile

It was a Thursday night after a hard day’s work, tired and limp I had to make the final struggle of pushing through people at circle to make it to the bus station for a car home. While silently praying that there wouldn’t be a queue at the station, the activities of the day flashed through my mind. All I wished for was to get home and rest my tired bones. It is these moments that I wish I had some vanishing powers that could make me teleport. 
Then out of nowhere I was stopped in my tracks, rooted to the ground all by a smile. A smile I can’t describe but realized I hadn’t seen one in a long while. He was bargaining for a shoe or something and the seller probably gave him an exorbitant price which warranted that half laughter and smile.
 At that split second it was like I had been teleported into a Hindu movie wearing a colorful free flowing maxi dress, slow motion running, the wind blowing my long hair and the background was either the beach or some garden (both worked for me) and there he was with the smile on his face wearing a black suede leather jacket unbuttoned showing some toned skin, he runs his hands through his hair and starts to sing…… didn’t hear the song because I was jolted back to reality.

That smile made me forget my sore and tired self and rejuvenated my evening. As I sat in the trotro home, I thought to myself, maybe just maybe I should have walked up to him to let him know he had a track-stopping smile.